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Updated: Nov 17


Details - resolving junctions between materials or even selecting the right materials in the first place is a vital part of what we do as commercial Interior Designers

Understanding how materials perform and whether they are appropriate in terms of sustainability or on-going maintenance is a continuous process for Designers of Hospitality and Retail spaces.

Inspiration for details and finishes comes from many sources. It could be low sunlight through ferns casting a particular pattern. Perhaps a handrail on a staircase at the local library. Even rusty metal cladding in a side street. All have a part to play.

Layering these details into the environments we create helps to encourage an emotional response from visitors or users. No, not breaking down in hysterical tears, more a feeling of welcome. Or respite. Maybe simply comfort-or curiosity.

All this drives engagement and combined with great customer service and excellent product help ensure the customer returns-or even writes good things on twitter.


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