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We are excited to hear that our good-will design project for a Somerset primary academy has now moved to the construction stage! The sensory den will provide a calm education space for all pupils, with focus on sensory experiences to enrich the learning process.

The fun and inviting structure also showcases sensory planting cared for by pupils and some welcoming signage to the academy.

Working in an educational setting is a departure from our core area of expertise generating interior design concepts for hospitality environments. The journey began with a request for help from the Academy Principal to design a supportive, stimulating space to assist in the development of self-confidence and hands-on learning.

We were able to identify an area to locate the facility to improve an unused and unloved space between two existing buildings. One side of the structure will provide a welcoming face to pupils and parents on arrival, while another opens out to the rural school field.

Being a budget-sensitive project, providing value and maximizing the natural resources available such as light and rainwater was important. Creed’s imaginative use of materials and extensive research into sensory requirements, generated a design solution that stimulates and welcomes whilst equipping the academy with an adaptable space that will address numerous sensory needs.

Creed’s focus on the key façade was the bold academy logo and applied hexagonal timber panels to create a strong graphic statement and textured approach that can be applied to other areas of the school. A clear polycarbonate roof reduces the need for artificial lighting and rainwater can be collected and stored for use in the care of planting by pupils. The responsibly sourced timber structure means it can be constructed simply and quickly.

Our design for the interior of the structure includes timber peg-wall panels – a cost-effective and flexible storage and display solution. Maximizing floor space and minimizing clutter ensures the environment can be maintained with ease.

The result is a versatile concept that provides a supportive and stimulating space to assist in the development of self-confidence and hands-on learning. Creed are really looking forward to this starting on site soon!

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