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LIVERPOOL ONE Project Completion for Pizza Express

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Creed’s most recent Pizza Express project took place in Liverpool One; the shopping, dining and entertainment centre situated in the heart of the city of Liverpool.

A view of the new restaurant Interior.

Private dining area created by Creed for events and parties.

Refurbishing both the interior and exterior, Creed ensured privacy and acoustics worked harmoniously within the design. With the use of natural materials, such as timber, to construct organic partitions to separate what was a large, vast dining space. The frames, as well as creating cosier dining areas, also work well to control the noise of the day-to-day hustle and bustle of a busy restaurant.

Clever lighting leading from the Pizzaiola.

Warm festoon lighting was chosen to radiate out from the Pizzaiola -a place of great importance to Pizza Express (where the Pizzas are created, of course!) As well as foliage placed around the restaurant, adding pleasurable visual focal points. Both add a sense of bringing the outdoors to the indoors, a hugely popular movement in design we see sticking around for quite some time.

Thoughtful foliage placement.

The bar area- a crucial hub of any restaurant- also had it's fair share of refurbishment. Fit with new shelving, cupboards, and finished with a coating of multi-tonal blue Lenton tiles, which are amplified by the white and grey abstract tiling situated along the back bar and the bar floor.

Tiling details.

As well as meeting all aspects of Pizza Express's design criteria for their new restaurant for Liverpool, Creed was able to add it's own bespoke touches to the restaurant too, including this lampshade, which was designed by one of our very talented in-house artists.

Bespoke lampshade.

Dan Agus, territory manager at PizzaExpress Liverpool ONE, said: "Our pizzeria has had a full, stylish makeover and we’re excited to welcome our pizza fans back to our vibrant restaurant."- Liverpool Echo

We will be sharing more of our Interior projects on our blog in the near future, so stay tuned to see what team Creed have been busy working away at!

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